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Get Your Real Estate Project Funded!
Whether you are looking to fund an expansion project, a resort/hotel project, a commercial building, a start-up project, an acquisition, a leverage-buy-out, or any other type of project - Mr Gilles Herard, a Merchant Banker, is able to tailor the funding needed to the realities of the project.

In addition, our real estate financing programs are "Worry-Free" because we can make available to promoters a grace period that can vary from 6 to 36 months before any reimbursements begin - so the pressure on the project's cash flow is almost nonexistent!

If you lack equity for obtaining a good real estate loan, as a Merchant Banker Mr Herard can come to the rescue with an excellent equity funding deal that will fill the gap needed for finalizing the funding package.

If you have a real estate project in need of funding, contact us and let's see what we can accomplish together.
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gilles herard merchant banker real estate

gilles herard merchant banker
gilles herard merchant banker real estate project financing
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We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your project and the funding it requires. 

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